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Final Home Game of Summer 2020

2020 Standings

Mid-Atlantic Standings

    W L T PCT. GB
Wilson Tobs   9 5 0 0.643 -
High Point-Thomasville HiToms   8 6 0 0.571 -
Peninsula Pilots   8 11 0 0.421 -
Martinsville Mustangs   6 9 0 0.400

Remaining Schedule After Tonight:

Martinsville Mustangs
Sat. Aug. 8
@ Martinsville Mustangs *
7:00 PM
Hooker Field

Limited Tickets Link:

Can't make it out to the ballpark? We've got you covered via live stream.

HiToms games will also be available to view online through a paid subscription service at Three subscription plans are available for purchase:

- Single Game Pass - $5
- Team Pass (single team, home games only) - $49
- League Wide Pass (all games, all teams, all season) - $79

Games will be available to stream on Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV, however, fans will need to sign up for their subscription through first.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19

*As we are still in Phase 2, ALL players, coaches, parents, fans (limit of 25) and media must sign and bring the waiver you in order to spectate/play at Historic Finch Field (click the link above)*

City of Thomasville / HPT HiToms COVID 19 Finch Field Safety Plan (As of 6/25)

In a partnership between the city of Thomasville administration and staff and the HPT HiToms, the practices below represent a cohesive effort to ensure the safety and enjoyment of Finch Field facilities for participants, fans and staff members. In consultation with the city of Thomasville, HPT HiToms organization will follow and adhere to the spectator limits/mandates
(Section 9, Bullet Point D Entertainment and Sporting Venues in Large Venues) issued in Executive Order #141 May 20, 2020 by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. In addition, the HiToms organization will meet with the Davidson County Health Department to mitigate fan interaction and ensure player social distancing during the utilization of Finch Field for HiToms'
practices, camps and games. In an effort to establish a community-wide blueprint for baseball's reintroduction into the Thomasville community and to ensure the well-being of all participants, the city of Thomasville and the HiToms have also agreed to utilize the guidance of the state of North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services' Sports Guidelines: Interim Guidance for Administrators and Participants of Youth, College & Amateur Sports Programs to Play (May 22, 2020) as well as the guidelines suggested by USA Baseball and the Coastal Plain League.

Players & Coaches – Phase 2
Players and coaching staff will be instructed to follow the guidelines below:

           ■ Temperature check: players and coaches prior to entering the facility
           ■ Right-Field Line Player Entrance/Exit
           ■ 15 person limit – Playing Surface
           ■ 12 person limit – Each Respective dugout
                    ● Remaining players and coaches will be spaced 10 feet apart outside dugout
           ■ 6 person limit – Batting Cage Area
           ■ All players must have these individual items(equipment):
                    ● Uniforms
                    ● Batting gloves
                    ● Batting helmet
                    ● Field glove
                    ● Bat
                    ● Water Bottles/Coolers
          ■ Ballpark Restrooms:
                    ● Restricted use to two people, per bathroom
                    ● One-Way Entrance & Exit
          ■ No Player or Coaches allowed in grandstand/ bleachers or press area
          ■ All "spit" items prohibited: dugout and stadium
                    ● Gum, sunflower seeds, peanuts
          ■ Players, Coaches or Staff must sanitize player products after each game
                    ● Bats, gloves, balls, helmets, etc.
          ■ Locker room Restrictions:
                    ● CPL HiToms only
                    ● Groups of Six players
                    ● Two entrances/exits
          ■ Pre-Game Umpire's Meeting/line-Up Card Exchange
                    ● Provided Via Text
                    ● Ground Rules Discussed via 10 feet apart – Right-Field Line

Facility & Fans

Fan Face Masks
          • Fans will be required to follow the guidelines set forth in EO 147 pertaining to the new guidelines established by the state of North Carolina. The HPT HiToms will make public address announcements throughout the course of the contest reminding patrons and staffers to exercise caution and adhere to the state's new order.
          • The HiToms will post E0 147 on for fans to access the governor's new mandate
          • Upon entry, the HiToms will inform fans of the new state order and ask them to follow the guidelines regarding 6 feet separation and mask usage
          • The HiToms will offer masks to fans who do not arrive with the proper protection

P.A. Public Service Announcements:
          • Pre-Game
          • Mid-1st Inning
          • Mid-2nd Inning
          • Every Other Inning thereafter

Ballpark Sanitation:
          ● The HiToms will increase sanitation around the ballpark as outlined by the NCDHS and the Davidson County Health Department
                  ○ Properly Equipped Bathroom Soap Dispensers
                  ○ Accessible Hand Sanitizer Stations
                  ○ Bathrooms will be cleaned following all contests


● Box Office & Entrance

         ● Credit/Debit card transactions are recommended to ensure limited direct contact between employees and fans
         ● E-ticketing for all season ticket holders
         ● Spacing markers and dividers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines
         ● Two Stadium Entrances and 4 stadium exits will be available
         ● Fans will be encouraged to exit via all four grandstand ramps and use all 4 exits

● Grandstand Seating

         ■ The HiToms will recreate Finch Field's seating bowl to allow for proper distancing:
                  ● Specific reserved and general admission seating will be established to maintain proper distancing between fans
                  ● Box office staff will select reserved seats based on distancing availability
                              ○ 6 ft = 3 chairs
                  ● Fans will be encouraged to sit 3 seats apart as well as one row apart
                  ● Only household members will be allowed to sit 'seat 2 seat'
        ■ Fans will be discouraged to touch railings unless absolutely necessary
                  ● Concourse areas will maintain social distancing guidelines
                  ● Players will be required to exit down the right and left-field lines. No transition to the concourse

● Main Concessions / Grill

        ■ The following protocols will be put into place as it pertains to Finch Field food and beverage operations:
                 ● Spacing markers will promote proper distancing between customers waiting in lines

                 ● Ordering and pickup windows will be specifically marked by line dividers to promote proper distancing between customers
                 ● Order windows will have barriers in place to limit contact between staff and fans
                 ● Concession menu options may be limited to accommodate staff safety
                 ● All condiments, napkins, and utensils will be given upon request
                             ○ No push pump condiments
                 ● Staff will not reuse cups for refills

● Beer Garden

         ■ The following protocols will be put into place as it pertains to Finch Field's Grill
                 ● No standing in beer serving line unless purchasing product(s)
                 ● Spacing markers and line dividers will promote proper distancing between customers