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Sept. 22nd - Sept. 29 Fall Schedule

Sept. 22nd - Sept. 29 Fall Schedule



2018 Fall League Schedule


Sat., Sep. 22
9:00 Jr. Spartans vs. Jr. Panthers Finch Field
11:15 Grizz vs. Cubs Finch Field
1:30 87's vs. Dragons Finch Field

Monday, Sept. 24

Games Postponed

Tue. Sep. 25 
5:00 Cougars vs. Cubs Finch Field
7:15 Dragons vs. Tabor Finch Field

5:00 Grays vs. Spartans Trinity

Wed. Sep. 26 
5:00 Panthers vs. Knights Finch Field
7:15 Spartans vs. Blues Finch Field

Thur. Sept. 27 
5:00 Calvary vs. Trojans Finch Field
7:15 Cougars vs. Grizz Finch Field

Fri. Sept. 28 
6:00 GSO Eagles vs. Knights Caldwell

Sat. Sept. 29 

9:00 Jr. Panthers vs. GSO Eagles - Finch Field

2:00  Panthers vs. Cubs - High Point Christian's Oak View Baptist Church Field

3:45 Grays vs. Grizz - Finch Field



Mon. Oct. 1 
5:00 Knights vs. Grays Finch Field
7:15 Tabor vs. Dragons Finch Field

5:30 Caldwell vs. Calvary Caldwell

Tue. Oct. 2
5:00 Cougars vs. Blues Finch Field
7:15 Cubs VS. Jr. Panthers Finch Field

Wed. Oct. 3 
5:00 Spartans vs. Panthers Finch Field
7:15 Knights vs. Dragons Finch Field

Thur. Oct. 4 
5:00 Jr. Spartans vs. Calvary Finch Field
7:15 Cougars vs. Grizz Finch Field

Fri., Oct. 5 
5:00 Jr. Spartans vs. Scarlets Finch Field
6:00 Caldwell vs. Calvary TBA

Sat. Oct. 6
9:00 Cubs vs. Panthers Finch Field
11:15 Jr. Panthers vs. Caldwell Finch Field
1:30 Grays vs. Grizz Finch Field
3:45 87's vs. TBD Finch Field

Sat. Oct. 6 
9:00 Jr. Spartans vs. Scarlets Trinity
11:15 Spartans vs. Dragons Trinity